EasyMail Newsletter: Credits

Many thanks to all who contribute with comments, suggestions and feedbacks.

Thanks for donations

Many many thanks to all who contribute with money. This plugin is the result of voluntary work, so donations are welcome. We love enthusiastic feedback, but a bit of money are appreciated too.

Special thanks

To Wojtek Szałkiewicz, who made fixes and improvements the v.2.4.18 and made v.2.5.0 possible.

To David “eqhes” Comuñas, who added the custom fields in subscription form.

To Greg Lambert, who included the widget in the plugin.

To Brian Dorricott, for the generous support.

To Bernd Hilmar, for the great support.

To Francesca Bovone, who translated the plugin from italian into english till version 2.0 (…while the texts of the site and texts of the plugin from v.2 are all my fault!).

To Iwan Negro, for the main part of the theme feature.

To László Viktor, for the plugin translation centre on Google Code (code.google.com/p/alo-easymail) and a glotpress collaborative site (www.translators.hunstart.hu/projects/alo-easymail).

To all translators of the plugin.

Included libraries

The plugin includes some script libraries. Thanks to respective developers: jQuery, jQuery UI, smartupdater (jQuery plugin), PHP-Bounce-Handler.