News about my php starter kits

I updated Phmisk on Github:
It’s my Php Html5 Micro Starter Kit: a good starting point to create quickly front-end sites and web applications.

I uploaded on Github another starter-kit: ci_html5_auth_crud.
It’s a a ready-to-use web installation based on CodeIgniter, including an auth module, a CRUDL system, an html5 layout. Here is the Github repo:

I encourage you to download and try them, send your feedbacks and contributions.

Of course, donations for my hard work are always welcome.

A little WP plugin: alo-media-helper


A html helper to open image library and select an image for options. It requires WP 3.5+.
You have a helper function alo_mh_insert_from_media_lib that you can use in your plugin. After activation, you can visit Settings -> ALO Media Helper Sample in your dashboard to see a live sample (the code is in “sample.php” file included).

You can download it from GitHub.

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