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  1. I am creating a “coming soon” type of theme. It has only one page (index.php). I saw your plugin and thought that it’s perfect for the theme, but I am running into a problem.

    I have set up a widget area and can see and use the widget. If I enter a name and email, it sends of the opt in email with the link. The problem is if I click that link all I see is the index.php page. The link is correct as it points to:


    The plugin has created the “Newsletter Subscription” page with an id of 114, and it has the “[ALO-EASYMAIL-PAGE]” shortcode on it. But even in the Admin area if I click view the index.php page is displayed.

    As a test I created a template page twice, both with and without the post loop in them, but then either way I don’t get any of the code that should be generated by the shortcode.

    When I go to the Admin Subscribers page the new user is there but not active.

    I am testing all this on a local server (XAMMP) and am using WP 2.9.2, any ideas how to get it working?

  2. Hi lenzjo. So you are testing on a local sever. Viewing your activation link, the path of your WP installation seems to be in your root:
    is it correct? or maybe it’s in a subdirectory, so the path should be something like “http://myproject.local/wordpress/”?
    In this case the hack suggested by john could be help you (see his comments on 6 february in this page).
    Or maybe are you using WP MU? The plugin is not tested on it.

  3. Hi alo,

    I’m running virtual hosts so that I can have multiple projects on the go at the same time and I’m using plain old WP 2.9.2 🙂

    I eventually got it working properly last nite. The problem was that though I had created a template for the “Newsletter Subscription” page, it seemed very fussy about what should be in the template.

    I noticed in these comments that someone was asking about a XHTML valid version of the plugin. I hope you don’t mind, I’ve converted the subscribe forms so my version now validates, and I am now going thru the rest of the code to see if there’s any other invalid stuff in there.

    Also I would like to move the various pages to under one heading on the Admin Dashboard as I keep forgetting where the different pages are.

  4. Great Plug-in. Can you create some documentation? Also, the function on the user profile page, even if I set it to “Yes” it always reverts to “No”. Is this a known bug? What is it supposed to do, add the user to the subscribers list? For me it does not seem to do anything. Suggestions: The ability to add manually to subscribers page would be nice. An import into the subscribers list would be nice. Multiple templates would be nice as well. Thank you for the great plug in!

  5. Hi Alo

    Re the comment above

    14 marzo 2010 alle 19:54

    I think I solved this issue by editing the alo-easymail-widget.php script. You had an email format check statement as follows:

    if (!ereg(“^[_a-z0-9-]+(\.[_a-z0-9-]+)*@[a-z0-9-]+(\.[a-z0-9-]+)*(\.[a-z]{2,3})$”, trim($_POST[‘alo_em_opt_email’]) )) {
    $error_on_adding .= “The e-email address is not correct.”;

    I changed the “!ereg” at the beginning of the statement to “!eregi” and can now enter domain extensions other than .com, .net, .org.

    The problem with this is that the ” ereg ” function series is deprecated as of PHP 5.2.5 and will eventually stop working.
    It has been replaced with ” preg ” which has been running in parallel for some time – since at least PHP 4.2 therefore you need to upgrade these sections of the code sooner rather than later, to reduce future support requests.

    Great looking plugin by the way – I’m just about to test drive it on a couple of new sites.

    Add my voice to the people calling for the batch quantity and sleep period to be configurable in the admin panel.

    Also for the configurable period for sending digest emails of latest posts (daily, weekly, whenever)

    Many thanks

  6. Hi Eric, many thanks for your ideas and suggestions. The option yes/no in the user profile page should add/delete user’s subscription to the newsletter.
    Hi Gaz, thank you for your explain, I’ll surely keep in mind for the next release.
    I’m working on it: I will fix bugs and include a configurable cron batch (something like: x mails every y minutes).

  7. Hi
    Thanks for your efforts in making this plugin. 🙂

    I have installed this on a WordPress Default 1.6 theme template. I get the message it is activated but I cannot get the widget to display on my site.
    Can you help me please? Im new to WP, more used to Joomla, but Im preferring WP so far.


  8. Hi Stephen. Did you go to Appareance – Widget to add easymail widget? In that page can you see the widget in the list?

  9. Hi alo

    Many thanks for considering my input – your plug in looks great but it does desperately need the “batch sending” or “mail throttling” feature (as do all similar plugins and softwares nowadays due to increasingly tighter and tighter limits on how many emails per hour/day that hosting services allow.

    I’ve also noticed a move by hosting services to a “double limit” on how many emails can be sent and it contains a trap for the unwary. Examples – one of the hosts I use allows 200 emails per hour but a maximum of 2000 per day (200 x 24 hours = 4,800 so your daily limit is only 40% of the hourly limit). Another states 300 per hour but 3000 per day (300 x 24 = 7200 so again, only 48% of the hourly limit).

    The algorithm you use for the sending limits should therefore be based on the daily limit, not the hourly one, and should aim to spread the sending batch based on the dily limit calculated per hour/minute, not on the hourly limit which is used for headline advertising by the hosting companies.

    Hope it helps

  10. Hi Gaz, your help is welcome and very useful! As you suggest I think I could prepare 2 configurable options: an emails/hour limit and a emails/day limit. Then, starting with these 2 params, the batch will send X emails every Y minutes to cover the hour limit and to not exceed the day limit. Could it work? Thanks a lot for your help.

  11. Hi Alo
    Yes, that’s one way to do it, but be careful of time-outs or a system that needs the user to keep their browser open on the send page until all emails have been sent. I know that’s a problem many of the WP plugins have had.

    I’d recommend only configuring for the daily limit, and let the software do the maths behind the scenes – include a help tip warning that the daily limit is not 24x the advertised hourly rate – make the user check with their host to get the daily limit.

    Also use a help tip that they need to think about other emails from their site(s) too – e.g. user registration confirmation emails etc. They need to keep an allowance aside for those. If they have a 2000 per day limit, they should probably not allocate more than say 1800 (90%) to newsletters – if they have high signup rates, or have ecommerce pages that process orders and payments, they need to allocate less.

    Remember to use the “sleep” function for mail sending – pausing between small batches rather than dumping the single hour’s allocation in one blast – if it coincides with an RSS fetch and a few heavy page views, the user’s server allowance could hit the red line and their account get suspended, if doing once per hour mail dumps.

    At 1800 mails per day, that’s 150 per hour = one every 24 seconds – – – much better to figure a way to do that as a steady outgoing, than to dump 150 emails in a batch once per hour.

    Remember too that the big webmail hosts (AOL, Google, Hotmail etc) hammer your spam rating if you put too many emails per hour INTO them – if you can figure out a filter to keep say 5-10 minutes between each send to the same domain name, then that would be a bonus (especially with Hotmail and MSN). If you’re working via SendMail rather than SMTP, I think SendMail has a queue-by-domain-name option in its backend somewhere …. or, I might have that the wrong way round, and it might be SMTP that has it – either way, one of them does – MS Exchange Server draws on it heavily.

    Sorry to dump a lot of different things on you, but they do need thinking about, and unfortunately (or fortunately – LOL) not all WordPress users are web or email experts, and “plugin addiction” is a real problem for some “webmasters”.


  12. Hi Stephen. Did you go to Appareance – Widget to add easymail widget? In that page can you see the widget in the list?

    Yes under Sidebar 1 it says Alo Easymail Widget, and in there I have selected sidebar 1 and position 1 and saved it, nothing shown on screen.


  13. I like this plugin. But I would like to see the ability to include multiple posts in one newsletter. maybe an option to include the newest post from each category. It would be nice to see it include more then one post per e-mail.
    Options for controlling which posts are added and where would be great too.

  14. Hello!

    I have a long list of email adresses that I need to get into my database, but that part is not a big worry for me. When I look in the database table there is the value of Unikey that is unique for each user. I tried and added one name with a copied value from a registered user which seems to work fine.

    My question, is this a value that is needed or can it be left blank? If it’s needed must it be unique or not.

    Best regards and thank you for a great plugin!

  15. Adding multiple posts in one newsletter is a good idea, like a “digest”. It’s in the “todo” list.
    The unikey is a random string. It’s fundamental when a subscriber must activate or delete his subscription: the unikey is in the activation or unsubscribe link he clicks and it must match with unikey stored in database for this subscriber.

  16. Ciao.
    complimenti per il tuo ottimo plugin, lo sto provando su un sito di un mio amico…
    Ho però un piccolo intoppo: il sito in questione è multilingue.
    Utilizzo il plugin WPML, che permette di postare un articolo per ogni lungua. Facendo così succede che non riesco ad inviare mail con l’ultimo post pubblicato…
    In parole povere mi sarebbe utile, come primo passo :), la possibilita di raggruppare gli utenti “iscritti” in gruppi. in modo da poter inviare mail in lingua differente. La selezione della lingua da parte del sottoscrittore, potrebbe essere una naturale conseguenza, ma per il momento mi accontenterei della possibilità di raggrupparli a mano.
    Pensi sia facilmente realizzabile?
    Grazie ciao.

  17. Reference:

    W3C Markup Validation Service gives me an error-message:

    >> reference to non-existent ID “alo_em_opt_name” <<

    for this code-section:


  18. Nice plugin!
    I’m looking for the possibility to add an unsubscribe-link tot the Newsletter? Would be nice for not-registered users…

  19. Ok, thanks now I understand what the purpose of unikey is.

    But I don’t understand if it needs to be one unique key per user or if many users can use the same unikey.

    Also if I create the user via phpmyadmin will he/she be able to unregister later?


  20. The key could not be unique, but in this case anyone could activate subscription or – more dangerous – unsubscribe only using a link with an email address and the same unikey (see the link to click in activation mail or unsubscribe link in the newsletter to understand how activation/unsubscription links work).

  21. How can I add an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email? When I first installed the plugin it had a template where I could use that dropdown to include text/images in messages. After I messed with creating a custom template that feature no longer works. Is there a way to reset the template to the original? I even tried deleting and reactivating it.

    Thanks! This is the best plugin i’ve found for mailing from wordpress.

  22. You can find the original template is in easymail.php, line 42. Here you are:
    Hi [USER-NAME],<br /><br />
    I have published a new post <strong>[POST-TITLE]</strong>.<br />[POST-EXCERPT]<br />Please visit my site [SITE-LINK] to read it and leave your comment about it.<br />
    Hope to see you online!<br /><br />[SITE-LINK]

    The plugin should add an unsubscribe link at the bottom of newsletter (only when recipients are subscribers).

  23. Hi there,

    I was wondering when the option of ‘x mails every y minutes’ came available. I really like the newsletter program, however i cannot use it now on my server.

    Please can you tell me when the update is available?

    Thank you,

  24. Hi,

    I found this in the comments above:

    there is already a sleep function in alo-easymail_action.php, maybe you should setup it. See at line 128:

    if ( ($r % 50) == 0) {
    sleep(10); // every n° sent wait a little

    so you can modify how many seconds (default: 10) and every many emails (default: 50).

    I want to send 45 e-mails per 15 minutes (or 180 per hour). How do I configure this then?

    Thank you,

  25. Hi Arend, the new version with the cron batch sending will be available in a few days. It’s ready, stay tuned!

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