ALO EasyMail version 2.4.11: fixed some issues about newsletter content

Pubblicato venerdì 7 settembre 2012 in Alo EasyMail Newsletter

Today the new version 2.4.11 of EasyMail newsletter plugin is downloadable on

This is a release to solve several issues in newsletter content caused by PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser, bundled in 2.4.10 in order to track links.
So, in 2.4.11 the links clicked by recipients are not tracked any more (I’m speaking about links typed directly in newsletter content: instead the links generated by placeholdes like [POST-TITLE] or [SITE-LINK] are always trackable), but we solve some reported issues:

  • newsletters have a strange line wrap behaviour about content: the text contains random white-spaces or exclamation marks (go to report) or the lines are too long and mail servers give a delivery error (go to report)
  • a conflict with Lightbox Plus plugin (go to report)

So these issues reported in 2.4.10 (and not in 2.4.9) should be fixed after upgrading to 2.4.11.

If you are a developer and you like to contribute to make links trackable again and solve the above issues, you can manually enable the PHP Simple HTML DOM (it’s always bundled in plugin package but it’s not loaded by default) and make your tests. To enable it:

  • add the following line in your wp-config.php file:
      define('ALO_EM_LOAD_SIMPLEHTMLDOM', true);
  • only if you are using the Lightbox Plus plugin, you have to patch it in order to avoid a conflict: here the fix

Or, of course, you can make tests with a better html parser and suggest it to me. Your help is welcome.

Here you are the full changelog.

You can read guide, faqs… (see links in right sidebar) and use the forum to share your feedback. There is also the support forum hosted on And you can contribute to keep the plugin update donating some money to me.