EasyMail 2.0.2 and some issues

Pubblicato mercoledì 15 giugno 2011 in Alo EasyMail Newsletter

Here you are a new version to fix some bugs. I hope it could solve some reported issues.
You can download it on wp.org.

The changelog:

  • a new option to load only plugin javascrit files on creation list of recipients thickbox, useful to prevent conflict with javascript of other plugins: go to Newsletters → Settings → tab General
  • fixed some minor bugs reported me in forum in last days

But, we have some issues yet, that I hope to fix soon:

  • somebody reported me that the progress of newsletter sometimes remains stuck at 0%: for now you can read the faq, I hope it can help you;
  • in newsletter edit screen, when you select also registered users as recipients, the total of recipients could be not correct and that could affect creation of recipient list.

I’m going to work on these issues in next weeks. Sure, you can support me.